Mandersloot - Transport



Value Added Logistics (VAL)

How does Mandersloot meet your needs and wishes? By constantly improving its logistics package. It is also called Value Added Logistics (VAL). In addition to transportation and warehousing, you can also make use of our packaging service. The various possibilities are:
- Packing
- Repackaging
- Cloaking
- Sealing
- Stickering
- Labelling


Mandersloot also specialises in return logistics of various types of packaging for years:
- Pallet exchange
- CC containers, rods, plates, metal end-pieces
- EC containers, rods, plates
- Danish trolleys

We are also associated with FloraHolland. This allows us to keep it cheap, fast and simple for you. Do you have another wish in the field of packaging? Let us know. Anything is possible.