Mandersloot - Transport



Offices in the Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania and Hungary


Mandersloot has grown considerably in recent years. Every day our trucks are on the road for the import and export of goods. To and from the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria. In addition to the headquarters in Scherpenzeel, the Netherlands, Mandersloot has offices in Poland (Komorniki, near Poznan), Czech Republic (Klíčany, near Prague), Romania (Codlea, near Brasov) and Hungary (Szigetszentmiklos, near Budapest).

Full focus on Eastern European market

“My father was already an Eastern Bloc pioneer in the 1960s. I am proud of the courage it took to fully focus on the Eastern European market. In 2004 we bought land in Poland and built a modern office and warehouse (for storage, cross-docking and other logistics services). Right on Poland’s A2 highway, a strategic connection between Western and Eastern Europe. This means we can provide you with added value and we do not have to compete on price alone.

Poland has a Polish country manager (who speaks good Dutch) and Romania has a Dutch country manager. Furthermore, distribution is handled by local employees, such as drivers and warehouse staff. In Poland we work with Poles, in the Czech Republic with Czechs, in Hungary with Hungarians and in Romania with Romanians. These combinations make communicating with you easier."

Ronald Mandersloot
Director of Mandersloot