Mandersloot - Transport



High-quality service and modern technology

Quality and high-quality service are number one in a modern logistics company. At all levels of the business. That translates into optimal care for health, (food) safety, security and environment. But also into the latest technologies in the area of communication and information, both in terms of traceability and security and in fast information transfer between you and Mandersloot. You can think of TAPA (FSR and TSR), on-board GPRS computers, TransportMaster, Warehouse Management System and inventory systems.

Forward together

"Mandersloot’s Expeditiebedrijf BV is HACCP certified (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). It is mandatory for companies engaged in e.g. transportation and distribution of food products. Furthermore, we carry the Dutch Transport & Logistics Quality Mark (KTL). An umbrella “quality mark” for road haulage. It lays the foundation for a healthy business and entrepreneurial success. A new development is the option to automatically read in customers’ orders. Mandersloot’s mentality really appeals to me. Enthusiasm, no-nonsense, quick decisions, firm steps, smooth integration abroad. We want to go forward together.’

Werner Dornbos
Quality Manager at Mandersloot