Mandersloot - Transport



They consider our customers as their customers too

“Value added service. That is what Mandersloot provides. They respond fast and timely to our wishes. They think along and help with solutions. Their service goes beyond transporting from A to B. Solutions first and analyses later. They consider our customers as their customers too.”

Alex van der Weiden
Team Leader Logistics at Van Dijk Flora
(retail partner: flowers and plants)

Each transport company is flexible, but Mandersloot even more so

"In 2013, we renovated our abattoir in Poland. This led to an increase of our slaughtering capacity from 700,000 to almost 1,000,000 chickens per week. We needed additional refrigerator space during the renovation period. In order to meet calamities and to be able to make additional deliveries. Mandersloot then immediately came to the rescue with extra refrigerator capacity and trailers. They sense exactly what the customer needs and like to go one step further. Their distinctive features are good value for money and flexibility. Each transport company is flexible, but Mandersloot even more so. They think along and are available 24 hours per day. They know the food market and our products through and through. That is why they look after the bulk of our exports.”

Johan Nap
Director of Operations of 2 Sisters Storteboom BV (Poland)
Fresh and frozen chicken products

Also available on evenings and weekends

"In 2011 we got a new customer with high demands on quality and security. They were looking for a reliable transport company for transporting computer parts to Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary. After years of working together we then got back in touch with Mandersloot. It is a great company that always sticks to its agreements. Together, we have invested in TAPA certification and by now transports are carried out in the highest class of secure transport (TSR-1). This includes: GPRS system with 24-hour supervision by an emergency centre, stopping at authorised parking places and camera surveillance when transferring. In short, optimum safety for drivers, trucks and cargo. We like to do business with Mandersloot. The communication is good and the planners are also available on evenings and weekends."

Greet Kroon
Owner of Gelders Express (Worldwide Logistic Services)
Mediation between companies and carriers

They make an extra effort without the meter starting to tick immediately

"In 2013, we had a spring action with outdoor plants for a builder's merchant chain in Poland. Our supplier was found to not have enough supplies in the Netherlands, which seemed to threaten our commitment. It was necessary to get a part from Macedonia, from a different production location of our supplier. That had to be done quickly. Mandersloot then arranged and solved everything for us. They did this by combining this consignment in Poland with the other products from the Netherlands, including all customs formalities and transportation from Macedonia. This action was fully coordinated from their office in Poland. I call that total unburdening. Mandersloot distinguishes itself by its professionalism, flexibility and short lines. It is a down-to-earth family business. Practical no-nonsense people. They make an extra effort without the meter starting to tick immediately. Moreover, it is great that their contacts in Poland and Romania speak Dutch. This allows you to do things quickly."

Richard Bos
Logistics Manager at Hamiplant
(export of houseplants and garden plants to almost all of Europe)