Mandersloot - Transport



Large projects and small consignments

Mandersloot specialises in international, conditioned transport (products between -18 to +18 degrees centigrade). Logistical platforms in the Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania and Hungary enable fast (part) transport between the Benelux and Eastern Europe. With a network of partners, we can arrange both large projects and small consignments for you. Fast and on time.

Address, resolve and move on

"I started working for Mandersloot twenty years ago. I started as a driver and gradually focused on planning, commerce and automation. The company has grown considerably in the meantime. We opened a new office in Poland (1996), Poland joined the EU (2004), borders were opened. I love finding new things to do, to solve customer’s problems. For example, the need for smaller consignments in multiple locations, without a distribution centre in between. That is how we set up groupage. Products could now be delivered fast at their place of destination throughout Poland. Transported and delivered at the correct temperature. In early 2013, we acquired a Dutch company in Romania. A nice expansion in the same industry. I immediately said: "I am going to do this.” In addition to Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, we can now service the market in Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria all by ourselves. What attracts me at Mandersloot? The down-to-earth nature of our company. Address, resolve and move on.”

Henk Hendriks
Mandersloot Country Manager for Romania