Mandersloot - Transport



Space for storage and cross-docking

Right place, right time. Two important concepts in the world of logistics. Modern areas for storage and handling are indispensable. Mandersloot has 10,000 m2 of warehousing available. Cargo-handling terminals in Poland and the Netherlands. This allows us to take full account of your needs and diversity in delivery times and places. Your goods can be stored or distributed directly (cross-docking). Necessary for e.g. food and medicines. An efficient way to service your customers quickly and optimally.

Our people are our strength

“Customers’ needs become increasingly more specific due to a lack of space in shops. For example, they want a pallet with various colours of roses instead of just red. Our distribution centre in Poland repackages e.g. many flowers and plants. Especially the period between February and May is the peak season. A nine-to-five mentality will not work there. Everyone loves to be up and doing things, from young to old, from planner to administration, from warehouse employee to driver, from manager to cleaner. We work just as long until the customer is satisfied. Our people are our strength.

To meet customer needs a new warehouse component was opened in 2008. Equipped with high racks and room for logistics and repacking. The work in the warehouse is controlled by a Warehouse Management System. The combination of (part) transport, warehousing and Value Added Logistics make Mandersloot a complete logistics service provider. For small (family) businesses AND international companies. We remain flexible despite our rapid growth."

Krysztof Gusz
Mandersloot Country Manager for Poland